Ladies and gentlemen we are now floating on Umbraco 7.0.0 RC Release Candidate

Written by @marcemarc on Friday, 15 November 2013

I'm not really one of those people who are able to 'just have a play' with something, to try out something new or to learn it, I have to have something real to build, and usually a small amount of time to build it in, to motivate.

So with a full release of Umbraco 7, pretty imminent, and the need for me to update my blog now that I am no longer migrating things from tridion to umbraco, I thought I would maybe build a bit of a blog on Umbraco 7, and get a feel for it, and see how far I got, and report anything funky along the way.

So the blog isn't polished, the idea is to tidy bits (well everything up really) as I go along, and I can blog about Belle related discoveries as I do so;

But hey first impressions! - Umbraco Belle 7.0.0 is really lovely to use, the main thing that hits you is the speed of the thing in the backend, it's really really fast.  (It's just the client doing all the work).  Additionally shifting the sections to the left hand side from the bottom, makes perfect sense, your eyes read left to right, is is natural to start from that part of the screen than the bottom, and your eyes are in the right place to dive into what you are about to do.

Some description

Anyhow I've got this far in a few hours.

All I've done is throw some basic doc types on, and templates, and I'm using the new container option for the blog posts.

More details as I try new things out. Some things aren't working exactly as expected, but it is a release candidate so that's expected, the more people who can use fresh eyes now to spot and report things though the better, so if you have a moment, download the release candidate and 'have a play' or build something with it.