This Note's for you... Editor Notes Updated

Written by @marcemarc on Monday, 21 March 2016

Editor notes has been Steinmeiered... Greystated; well Umbraco legend Chriztian has been using it and having ideas.

Principally it's all very well having this huge colourful Editor note reminding, sometimes nagging editors to do a thing in a certain way, (and the idea is to use this on areas not used that often), but there becomes a point, if you are an editor, and you use the site everyday, that a well meaning note, well it becomes irritating and patronising and takes up screen space and therefore infringes on an editors sense of wellbeing, particularly if you done a good grammatical error in the text of the note, or made a sentence too long, with too many commas and ands.

So now there is an option to configure the note to be 'collapsible' - the editor can read the note, and then decide 'they got it' and hide it, expanding it later lest they forget. (The state of collapsibility should be remembered using browser local storage for each note.)






So setting the Node Render Mode to 'Html' means everything is as before, 'Collapsible' gives you the new functionality and 'SlidingPane' is another alternative that will slide out a panel containing the note.


The latest version is .3 and is available and updated on Our Umbraco and Nuget too (Install-Package tooorangey.uEditorNotes).

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