Umbraco Anti-Patterns

Written by @marcemarc on Thursday, 16 June 2016

Following up on my talk at Codegarden 2016, a few people have asked me about getting a copy of the slides...

Also read this, it says it better:

Developers Learn to say No


We have become exhausted slaves in a culture of positivity


Code Reviews: Just do it!

It would be a good openspace session to discuss creating a library of common Umbraco coding patterns, showing off variations of how to implement common functionality, or even a library of common Compositions, that you could select, and download into your Umbraco site...or something.


Umbraco Street Bingo


I see Umbraco Logos...

thanks to everyone who came to the talk and said nice things about it.

It's available to stream here.

ps. "Ladies and Gentlemen it's nice to be back... " was a joke by English Comedian Malcolm Hardee RIP - who was a genius clown of alternative comedy in the 1990's 

pps. T-shirt is Jeffrey Lewis and the Jrams: