Umbraco code IS poetry - National Poetry Day 6th October.

Written by @marcemarc on Thursday, 06 October 2016

Today, the 6th of October is National Poetry Day - when I was younger, so much younger than today I used to write awful urban romantic poetry, (marcemarc completists can find out more here: Anyway I've often thought there is a similarity between beautiful code and poetry, the metre, readability, code blocks are like verses and of course whilst your code needs to compile - it does not have to rhyme...

oh and Poets and Coders seem equally obsessed with late nights and drinking coffee.

...with Umbraco and it's interfaces beginning with I, and all those package names beginning with u - my mind has often thought it should be possible to construct an Urban Romantic poem containing entirely references to classes and interfaces in the codebase and umbraco package names...

but of course that is ridiculous and here's the proof:

Our... Dialogue...

I Pub
lished ...

uComment "uTwit"
 "Sassy MobEye Widget!!"
"articulate ShowOff", uCounters

Delete All Children

INotificationModel Slimsy

X SL Touch ?
X ML Dump

Solis Search
301 Moved Permanently
I Content Finder

uShare Similarity
nuPickers ?

U, I, Oh Matic
Think of the children!


... Content.

really sorry!, I'm sure it could be bettered, also interested if anyone has any code that rhymes...

In terms of proper poetry I can recommend The Number Poems by Matthew Welton.