It's not that simple, this dictionary, never has a word for the way I'm feeling

Written by @marcemarc on Monday, 13 April 2015

Ok so you upgrade your client's website to Umbraco 7 - their multilingual editors in Umbraco 6 didn't have access to 'settings' and the 'dictionary' - even if you relocated it to the translation section (where is should be by default) - but you worked around this by installing Dictionary Dashboard package coupled with 'my Dictionary Search thing' (see:

- but now with the upgraded site, you announced to the client, that one of the upgrade benefits is the dictionary section of Umbraco can now be moved into the 'translation section' (, which you do for them, but they've kind of forgotten what the dictionary section looks like, as they have been accustomed to the workaround, and they 'don't like' the new way of changing dictionary items in Umbraco 7, the editors want to be able to search for the translated text rather than know the dictionary key, and since there is no Dictionary Dashboard package for Umbraco 7 and my search thing was a User Control, you hastily cobble together this:





Which should allow editors to search by dictionary key or by the translated text, and then link to the settings section, or edit the text, there and then.

It's on github here:

Our Umbraco:

Nuget: Install-Package tooorangey.uDictionaryItemSearch